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Pottery Jaipur

Blue Glazed Pottery famous in Jaipur was introduced to India by the Muslims and popularised by Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur. The pottery is made of ground quartz stone, fuller`s earth and sodium sulphate instead of the simple clay. Blue and white are the traditional colours used though, more recently, yellow, pink and green are also being used. Most pieces are hand-painted with conventional floral patterns, figures of animals and scenes from the lives of the royal families. Terra-cotta pottery Molela, a village to the north of Udaipur specialises in making these images. Alwar produces paper thin pottery, Bikaner is famous for painted pottery, tinted with lac colours, while white and red clay articles with geometric designs come from Pokharan.

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Bikaner Handicrafts

Bejeweled with rich cultural traditions that manifest themselves in local handicrafts, Bikaner is just the place for shopping enthusiasts. Rajasthan holiday offers special shopping tours to Bikaner, Rajasthan and gives you ample opportunity to delve deep into traditions of exquisite handicrafts and local customs. Tour desert settlements and see potters shaping exotic clay utensils, vases and objects d\' art. Hand painted lacquer lamps with delicate patterns, hand woven wool shawls and camisoles, ethnic blankets with hand-block printed patterns and metal ware enchant you on your Bikaner handicrafts tour.

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